We'll migrate you free of charge, within about 24 hours.

Nuova Migrations. For getting you moved quickly.

What we move

Our migration services migration over all of your data from a single cPanel to another cPanel. We will only move accounts that are coming from cPanel, to an account with us that has cPanel installed. If you have a vps and it does not use cPanel, we will not be able to migrate any data to it.

Number of domains

We will move up to 5 free domains per migration. This means, if you have a single shared server, with 4 addon domains, and a primary domain, we will move this free of charge. This same stipulation applies to all accounts that are running cPanel. Each additional domain move is $2.50. If you have 100 domains, It would be $2.50 x 100 to get the total cost.

When migrating reseller servers, we will migrate up to 3 cPanel accounts, regardless of how many domains are on each account. However, if each account only has a single domain, you would not get the standard 5 free domain moves. Reseller accounts are measured in the number of cPanel accounts they have.

Overall Transfer Size Limitation

Due to difficulty of transferring large websites, NuovaWebs can not provide a free transfer of sites larger than 5 GB to Mini Plan/Personal Plan accounts and larger than 10 GB to Business Plan accounts.

File/Database Transfer

It is also worthy to note that even though we have moved the data to the best of our knowledge, there could still be issues with the website and it may require additional changes from your or your developer’s end. Please feel free to contact us if you see any issues with your website so that we check the account for you.


First and foremost, as your hosting provider, our concern is providing a stable and reliable hosting environment. This free transfer service is a free service with no implied guarantees or verifications of proper transfer. If you wish for a dedicated admin to assist you with moving all aspects of your site and verify the integrity of the transfer, such a service is available at $35.00 per half an hour. During non-weekdays and times of high demand, it may take us up to 72 hours or longer to perform the free transfer service. It is always advised that when possible you perform the transfer yourself or ask your developer for assistance. Furthermore, please note that the free transfer service only applies to new accounts or account upgrades and is only available within the first 60 days of service initiation or upgrade. Unless posted otherwise, or in a ticket.

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