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Unmanaged Dedicated and VPS Servers

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Budget Servers

Starting at $5500 mo.

  • AMD Processors
  • Dual and Quad core Processors
  • From 4GB RAM to 16GB RAM
  • Unmetered 100Mbps connectivity
  • Your choice of US or EU Datacenter
  • St. Louis, MO or Strasbourg, Germany
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Standard Servers

Starting at $10500 mo.

  • AMD Processors
  • Octa-core Processors
  • From 16GB RAM to 32GB RAM
  • Unmetered 100Mbps connectivity
  • Your choice of US or EU Datacenter
  • St. Louis, MO or Strasbourg, Germany
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Unmanaged VPS Servers

Starting at $1500 mo.

  • Enterprise Hardware
  • Multi-core, RAID-5 Nodes
  • From 1GB RAM to 16GB RAM
  • 100Mbps connectivity
  • Your choice of US or EU Datacenter
  • Easy to use Management Panel
  • Coming Soon!

Our dedicated servers are built with the industry’s top quality hardware. This maximizes your server’s performance, and reliability. Using a dedicated server gives you the control that you need for every single aspect of the server. Our experienced technical specialists can customize your server build, so don’t hesitate to ask about any feature or add-on.

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Free Goodies

  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Free Server Reboots
  • $2.00 Ip addresses
  • Free Server Reloads

Dedicated Server Features

Unmanaged Servers!

  • Best prices in the industry
  • We do not touch your data
  • Tier 1 Datacenter/li>

Technical Support

  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Reboots Upon Your Request
  • Diagnosis In Case Of Failure

Free Goodies

  • Free consultations!
  • You have access to our expertise
  • Friendly support staff

The Best Dedicated Servers around & Support!

  • High Class Data Centers and Machines!

    Our datacenters provide an excellent mix between affordability, and extreme reliability. All you have to do is figure out what to do with all this extra space we decided to give you.

  • Price and value in its best combination possible!

    We offer competitive pricing on all of our servers, while not sacrificing any quality. We are not here to sell you a cheap server, but a good one at the best price. Going with unmanaged is often the best way to save costs!

  • The Fastest Support Services Ever!

    Our support team average response time is below 30 minutes. Additionally, the tickets of our Dedicated server customers are handled with priority, so you can be sure any problem you report will be attended to extremely fast.

Software Used

Standard Setup
  • Operating System: CentOS 6.5 x64
  • All packages are up to date
  • Secure, out of the box
  • IRC Friendly
  • Legal adult content allowed
  • Unmetered connections
  • DDOS Protected
Available Addons
  • cPanel Licenses
  • Optional hands-on support
  • Full Management Addons

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